Why start a new credit history

700 plus FICO Scores in approximately 1 month Clear New Credit score Secrets that wealthy businessmen purchased for a long time! We will help you by starting a brand new credit profile utilizing a SECONDARY CREDIT NUMBER LEGALLY ! We'll show you How to get credit using your new SCN. We will demonstrate Where to make an application for credit making use of your new credit number.So contact us today and allow us to help give you the credit you deserve.


scn number

You can expect real Legal SCN numbers!!! We guarantee that you'll be able to start out a new credit history with your SCN numbers!They're Validated as �ISSUED� by Social Security Administration. It Will pass all fraud alerts including: SafeScan,Telecheck,Lexus Nexus, Red Alert,Chexsystems etc�.

scn number
Numbers are neat and prepared to be used!
We guarantee that who else is applying the secondary credit number we create for you personally. We send a database query to validate and secure your identity with all the new credit profile.

Steer clear of the risky CAPITAL ONE Gimmicks/methods, you might end up using someone else�s Ss #, Fake Identity or even a deceased person number. That's a federal charge should you choose that. Our methods work!

FAQ Q. Is legal? (all over the net you will find sites that say Yes).
A. You should use the present laws in your favor for something new. Due to certain rights guaranteed through the 1974 US Privacy Act Title V (See the 1974 Privacy Act), you will find the directly to maintain your Ssn private and not be denied service due to your refusal. The financing bureaus aren't government agencies, so you do not have to let them have your Ssn. To answer the question, YES if used properly. Lots of people have inked it over the past 30yrs and then achieve this.

Q. Am I accountable for the bank notes on my old report?
A. Yes! We suggest never to use the SCN as a way to avoid any debt (defraud creditors) below your Ss # or E.I.N. You're in charge of all debts in your old report and debts incurred with your Credit Profile Number. You must remember that although you might be rebuilding your credit, you must use your new SCN wisely. If you have had troubled credit before, don't repeat your mistakes.

Q. Is this file segregation?
A. No, definitely not! FILE SEGREGATION IS ILLEGAL!!! This is simply not an application where we tell individuals to defraud their creditors or use E.I.N./T.I.N. to possibly gain new credit after filing bankruptcy. We educate our customers using their SCN wisely so that they don't increase the risk for same mistakes once again.

Q. May i utilize the SCN to lease a flat?
A. Yes. We suggest establishing some credit prior to doing so. Reason being, most landlords need to see some kind of credit history to find out an advanced high-risk or otherwise not.
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